Facebook for noobs

helping new Facebook users
(since the beginning of Facebook)


So before we begin I want to explain what is this site's goal : to teach noobs or new users the social network Facebook . I'll show you What it is , How it works , What can you do with it , and some Tips and advices for the best Facebook experience .

So what is it ?

Facebook is a social network created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004,

Facebook is by far the most used social network ever. With over 1.3 billion user that's 1/7 of earth's population that has a Facebook account !!! Everyday 800 million people go on Facebook, and each day there a 7 billion "likes" and over 2 billion photos posted per day !

What can you do with it ?

Thanks to Facebook you can post videos photos and share them with your friends and family .It enables the users to share your information with other people with Facebook accounts or meet new people and read their information  . It allows you to chat , send messages to your friends and also create "events" for parties or concerts . As well as creating groups and asking your friends to join .You can play or use a variety of games and applications the most famous games are candy crush and Farmville .It makes it possible to connect with your favorite celebrities like DiCaprio or Bill Gates .

How does it work ?

before starting you need to create yourself an account so go to www.facebook.com and sign up (you need to be at least 13 years old)

Once that's done you can make new friends post photo's or videos play games . To make friends all you have to do is search their name's on the search bar .

Tips and advices

Here are some important rules to follow if you ever decide to create an account             These aren't official Facebook rules but I highly recommend to follow them .                      It will make your Facebook experience a lot better .


Here is quiz to see if you understood everything :) click the link