Wealth Building Curriculum & Financial Fitness Event

There is nothing like a great BOGO!

“Goals aren't enough, you need goal’s plus deadlines

goals big enough to get excited about and deadline to make you run. One isn't much good without the other, but together they can be tremendous.” - Ben Feldman

Until 4/15, 11:59 PM!

In support of the many Raise The Minimum Wage Events http://www.laraisethewage.org going on around the country. I’m offering a great opportunity to bring Wealth Building & Financial Fitness http://www.thefeelcenterprojectllc.com to the conversation.


5 days!

500 individuals!

Wealth Building & Financial Fitness Workshops!

Buy one get one free! All Prices!

It’s that easy!

Wealth Building & Financial Fitness goes hand in hand!

Sean and Christopher, where just a bit before their time. It’s not more money, more problems! It’s poor Wealth Building & Financial Fitness with are the major problem!

Teenagers (17.5 percent), Blacks (10.1 percent), Hispanics (6.8 percent) Economic News Release

All Ethnicities Matter! Poverty doesn't distinguish between ethnicities, humanity does!

We are all affected by how insufficient our money management skills may be! Add to that a man-made, fabricated monumental wealth grab; which has nearly crippled a large percentage of our population.

More money will change lives! Better Wealth Building, Financial Fitness awareness and protection will change history.

In 1950 the minimum wage was 0.50. In 2012 the minimum wage was $7.25. 62 years later; what workers/citizens have to show for it?

An increase of $6.50 in 62 years! Just over $1.00 every ten years! This is appalling!

THE MORE I THINK ABOUT IT, however depressing, the cost of living continues to rise, and the price of all goods and services has gone up dramatically over the decades.

Clear, precise and consistent! $15 with increases and benefits as life happens!

So How Can I Increase My Wealth Building & Financial Fitness?

Come to term with, your employer nor the government, in it’s current state, has your best interest as top priority!

You have to crawl before you can walk!

We believe our money has little buying power and because of our relationship with money, we have given up even more of that buying power.

You’re overpaying on nearly everything!

The conversation is here! How are you going to engage it?

Take action! Your future self will thank you!

Let's promote Wealth Building &  Financial Fitness! http://www.thefeelcenterprojectllc.com & raising the minimum wage http://www.laraisethewage.org.

Your Can't Live Beyond Your Means, If Your Means Have Never Been Sufficiently Met!

Get Your Financial Life Back America!

Thank you the pleasure of your time