2013-14 Photography Portfolio

Xavier Berry

Apple Beauty

This was taken for a photography assignment when we had to take twenty different pictures of the same apple. I like it because it shows beauty even though it's just a plain apple. This photograph was not photoshopped.

Injured Apple

My friend and I were messing around during an apple photography project. We already cut the apple with a knife and drew a face on it, so we decided to "dress" it up to make it look like it's injured. I raised the brightness and the vibrance of this picture.

Jagged Railing

Dirty Hairpick

Tunnel of Brass

Home Court

Keep Calm

Where Dreams Comes True

I took a Spring Break trip with my high school band to Disney World in Florida. The first day we drove into the park, I grabbed a window seat so I could take pictures of the signs and I was fortunate enough to not get a glare on this one or have it turn out blurry. I cropped out the bottom of the picture.

Mickey Mouse Bush

This is one of six of the bushes at Epcot in Florida depicting characters from the Mickey Mouse gang. I made the contrast higher because there was a light shadow on him from his head that made it too dark.

Mnt. Everest

This is another photo I took at Disney World. It is actually the roller coaster ride, Mount Everest. I moved my camera slightly to the left to cut out the rollar coaster tracks and took this picture in the morning to give it a light background. I also lowered the brightness and raised the contrast until the sky looked took on a "cool" tint to it.

Stone Seahorse

On my trip to Florida, I also went to Universals. This was one of the "ancient" stone statues outside the walk through "tour" called Poseidon's Fury. I like how the water looks kind of like foam, and I also like the architechture of the structure.

Golden Grass

This is a picture of be front yard at night while it was dead from a drought. The light from the house shined eerily on the tall, thin, dead blades of grass.


I took pictures  Easter day of my family and the preperations for dinner. My mom was peeling egg shells, rinsing them, and then laying them on a towel next to the sink. I got bored and took a close up of the eggs without touching or moving them. I didn't edit the picture.

Deviled Eggs

These are the same eggs after my mom finished with them. Again, I didn't touch/move them or edit the picture (even though it may be hard to believe considering the dark border).

Tight Spikes

I was waitning on my friends so I could take their pictures and I got bored, so I took a picture of me tightening my spikes in my running shoes for track. I brought the contrast up really high and added a little saturation.


This picture was taken for a portrait project in my photojournalism class. I asked a couple of my friends to do different things and let me take pictures of them. I like this one because it's up close and not blurry or pixilated in the forground, but it's slightly blurry in the background. I lowered the brightness and raised the contrast.

Staying Hydrated

Desire to Read

This was another photo for the project. I don't like the extra girl in it, but other than that, I love it a lot. Based on the circumstances at the time, she wasn't able to move. I lowered the brightness, uped the contrast, and added a lens flare.

Phone Love


I was taking pictures at the track meet my school hosted and it got held-up for technical reasons. I got bored, so I started taking random pictures of myself without looking and this is the best one that came out. I grayscaled this picture.

Thank You!

I will be adding other tackks as I take more pictures. I will also be making more general tackks that I can add pictures to at any time depending on the theme, not just by the year like this one.

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