Sustainable Architecture

What is it?

Anyone involved in building design, procurement or maintenance in recent years willhave been confronted in one way or another by the term sustainability.

This book illustrates many different approaches adopted by building designers anddevelopers that all achieve some level of sustainability.The case studies examined focuson different issues within the wide spectrum of sustainable design. Perhaps one commoningredient in all the different approaches taken is the wish to provide better buildings,buildings that are better for the environment, the users and the community.

It is not only the nature of human activities that threatens the environment, but alsotheir increasing occurrence. Currently up to two billion humans, without reliable accessto safe food, urgently require resources to cover their basic needs, while several billionsmore are rapidly increasing their resource use to improve their living standards.                       

Amy A. Lopez Partida                                                                                                           February, 16, 2015

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