Sample Tackk: Maybe we could have a QR code set up on the actual eye and when the eye is scanned it will take the reader to this page. So its showing how students can make their projects digital.

           Sample: Cooper's Tackk

                     Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

Sample of how ThingLink looks embedded if each student wanted to do this too?

Just the eye uploaded to Tackk:

Comments could be added here about the project, etc.. We could even add a video of the student explaining the eye.

Sample of how students could add media easily (link just goes to Google)...

Or students can add the video right to the Tackk.

Students could add why they picked the book?

I choose to do my perspective project on this book because it is one of my favorites that we read from book club so far. I really liked how funny and relatable the book was--especially all the fighting between Peter and Fudge. Peter and Fudge remind me of my little sister and I! My favorite part was when Fudge swallowed the turtle. I didn't think that was going to happen!

Students could also add more such as links to other books, a review, quotes or different literary devices they found in the book?

Students could add an all about me section?

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3 years ago

I like how you inferred how Peter must have felt annoyed standing on his head during this scene!

3 years ago

We can easily add comments so students can connect and collaborate and encourage others at the CTE to leave a positive comment?

3 years ago

What else could we add?