History Timeline

By: Rosemberg V.

February 1898 - The U.S.S. Maine is sunk in the Havana harbor from an explosion that was lammed on the Spanish.

U.S.S. Maine Sinking

April 1898 - Teller Amendment, The U.S. Congress votes for war with Spain. In its declaration of war, Congress issues the Teller Amendment, which disclaims any intention of the U.S. to annex Cuba and promises to leave the island as soon as the war is over.

April 1898 - The Spanish American War is formally declared.

May 1989 - The U.S. navy destroys a fleet of Spanish ships in the Manila Bay in the Philippine Islands.

July 1989 - The Spanish Army surrenders t the United States in  Santiago Cuba.

The Spanish suerrenduring to the U.S.

December 1898 - The Treaty of Paris formally ends the war between Spain and the United States.

Official Treaty of Paris document

1899 - Spanish forces leave Cuba. United States military occupation of Cuba begins.

1899 - Open Door Policy is formed this policy demands that European powers controlling portions of China grant equal access to the United States. The policy calls for the free movement of goods but not people.

1900 - Foraker Act is a United States federal law that established civilian government on the island of Puerto Rico, which had recently become a possession of the United States as a result of the Spanish–American War.

March 1901 - The Platt Amendment passed which amended the 1901 Army Appropriations Bill. It stipulated seven conditions for the withdrawal of United States troops remaining in Cuba at the end of the Spanish-American War. It defined the terms of Cuban-U.S. relations to essentially be an unequal one of U.S. dominance over Cuba.

May 1902 - United States military occupation of Cuba ends.

June 1914 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife are assassinated

July 1914 - Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. Russia mobilizes.

February 1915 - The waters around British Isles were considered an official war zone.

May 1915 - British passenger ship the Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine.

April 1916 - Germany promises not to sink any more ships without warning

February 1917 - Unrestricted submarine warfare continues.

February 1917 - Zimmerman Telegram- British intelligence intercepts the Zimmerman telegram. Germany plan to ask the Mexican Government to attack the United States in exchange for land.

April 1917 - United States officially in war.

May 1917 - The United States now has the power to draft soldiers to war.

June 1919 - Treaty of Versailles- Germany formally ends the war with the Treaty of Versailles.

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