Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget was a developmental psychologist who studied cognitive behavior in children. Through a series of simple tests and evaluations he discovered the way a child mind works and the complexity of its structure. He created Piaget's theory, as well as developing a definition for Schema and really discovering just how humans organize and apply information as they learn.

Jean was born on August 9th 1896 in  Switzerland, and died in Switzerland in 1980. During his time period the gold rush occurred, as well as the rise in the oil industry. It was a time when people were moving out West, and indian plantations became apparent and then smaller and smaller. The voting machine was created, underground subways were first introduced and even Hawaii was joined into The States. It was a time of change and discovery.

Jean Piaget was important to psychology because he taught us that children are not simple minded, but just as complex thinkers as adults. Their reasoning and thought process may be different but it is in no way less intelligent. He discovered his own theory and helped dive into how we learn and process information. His time period left him an open canvas, with no other psychologist looking into child development he was the first successful man to achieve such in depth research and discovery, that to this day we use.

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