The Extras
                            By: Scott Westerfeld

This is the 4th book in the Uglies series. Although Tally is not the main character a girl named Aya is. She lives in  a different city than Tally did, and now people get merits if they are popular. Aya's brother is very popular from writing a great story and Aya wants to write and even better one about some mysterious girls. They call them selves the "Sly Girls" Aya has the story all set when she finds out and an even stranger twist.  The mountain that they go "Surfing" in has a secret tunnel with missiles that Aya thinks could destroy the world. I like this book because the main character from the other three books is tied into this one. Plus it is in the future and this society has just established a new government because the last one failed, and it is very interesting to see this out.

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3 years ago

Future books are always fun :) There were lots of books written a long time ago that talked about THE YEAR 2000! and everyone was always fascinated with them.