Ethan S.
#whataboutme #kettner #tech31

  I was born in Las Vegas and lived there for a few years then moved to seattle were my sister was born then moved here when I was four. What makes me the happiest is when im skiing at schweitzer, I love skiing alot i dont know why it's just so fun. I have always considered michigan my home, we always go there for a month in the summer to visit my grandparents, they live on a lake so we do alot of water skiing/surfing. My deepest fear is snakes, thay creep me out alot and i can barely even look at them without being creeped out. I've always wanted to go skiing in france, it would be really fun to be in france and see there colture and ski some of the best terrain in the world. In ten years i hope to be in college for architecture and starting a good life here in spokane skiing a lot all over the U.S. and Canada. I feel like we should be paid for our job (going to school) because we spend thirty five hours a week here learning stuff and we will most likely only use not even half if it.

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