Oil Project By Anthony Nguyen

The significance of Spindletop and its important to Texas history are...

Caption: This picture shows what spindletop looked like in 1901.

The significance of Spindle top is the oil boom and its importance to Texas history are the cars, trucks, and buses you see each day are powered by oil products such as gasoline, diesel, and asphalt roads made using oil, also the Texas skies filled with airplanes are fueled by oil based jet fuel, oil is even a source of electric power.

The discovery of oil resources in Texas affected the state economy by...

Caption: This picture shows the event of the oil boom which changed everything.

The discovery of oil resources in Texas affected the state economy by more companies were opening up therefore there was more jobs opening for people to work and people use oil instead of other resources, more cities were getting build up around the oil factories.

Oil affect the world by...

Caption: This picture shows what Spindletop looked like after the oil boom.

Oil affect the world by more jobs that are starting to open, oil drew thousands of people to oil fields and nearby towns because of the oil boom and therefore the population grew, soon the people started building more oil drills and began drilling for more oil, and in a matter of a few months $1.10 a barrel of oil to 10 cents a barrel.

The oil boom effect education in Texas by...

The oil boom affect education in Texas by building more schools and paving roads, many plastic and rubber products in your home and classroom are made of oil-based chemicals, during World War II, when many overseas supplies were unavailable, chemicals were used to make explosives and synthetic rubber for tires.

Caption: This picture shows multiple oil mines.

10 Products that are made from petroleum and 3 products that are kind of gross now

The 3 products that are gross now are Plastics, Novelty Candy, and paper cups. The 10 products that are made from petroleum are ink, paint, shoe polish, nylons, roof shingles, cosmetics, candles, Vaseline, bug killer, tires, pajamas, salad bowls, house paint, dresses, TV cabinets, and mops.

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