Consequences of dropouts

Fictional story

Mark is a 25-year-old man. He had the support necessary from his family to go to school. Because his parents did motivate him and encouraged him to persevere when his studies was getting harder, he stayed focus on his work. He finished high school with grades in the average, but he was accepted in a cegep. He met good people and liked his program. He graduated from cegep with good grades because he worked really hard and his friends helped him get through everything that was hard for him. He went to university in psychology and after some years studying, he achieved one of his dream. He obtained a Ph. D. in psychology and became a psychologist. He then had opportunities and he became, at only 24, a well renouned author because of his book about how you should see life to be successful. He now live happily with his girlfriend. His future is basically garanteed financially and because of that, Mark and his girlfriend are planning to have a child.

In his book, Mark talks about the importance of motivation and support from others. He is taking his life from the beggining and tries to imagine it without his parents behind his back. The story goes like that: "I'm a 25-year-old man. My parents we poor and didn't have enough money to send me to a good school. I went to the worst school in the country; where the criminal rate is higher than everywhere else. I met people that weren't good for me. They were violent, they were taking drugs, they were having bad grades, they didn't care about school and they did not respect any kind of authority. I don't know why, but I felt at home with them. They were poor like me and they wore clothes a little bit like me. I was always with my gang. We were like a family and I liked that because my parents were not there for me. My gang replaced them. They found a good way to make money; we were going to sell drugs. I knew it was illegal, but I had to follow my gang because without them, I was nothing. I quit high school with them and became a dealer. I'm writing these lines in my jail cell. I don't know what I could have done to not go in prison. Criminality has been all my life."

The fictional story of Mark being a dealer is a reminder that anything is possible for anyone. If in the beggining of our lives, our parents are not there for us for whatever reason, it is going to have repercussions on our vision of life. If our parents are helping us, motivating us, if they are encouraging us in the things that we want to try, we will believe that everything is possible and achievable. Actually, people that graduate from high school will have a greater salary than people who do not graduate. By not having a diploma, they tend to get into more trouble than full-time students. Dropouts costs more than 1 billion dollars per year to society in Canada. It is a social issue that needs to be less in the shadows.

In conclusion, when a parent takes care of his child, they are doing something good for the child, for society in general and for others that will live each day with that child in the future.


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