The Pan Am Game #FairPlay

July 10th 2105, the Pan American Games are coming! You may not know but it’s the world's third largest international multisport game. This year, they’re proudly hosted by Canada and more precisely in the province of Ontario (Toronto). Many advertisement videos have been published the past 3 months to promote this event and there’s one that got me the most. It’s a TV commercial that was produced recently on the subject of doping in sports. This ad is about how we should keep our athletes away from doping themselves in order to win and keep the competitions fair. It’s described throughout the commercial that a non-doping athlete is an athlete that shows respect to his opponents and promotes fair play. In fact, the video shows anti-doping control as a positive thing rather than something negative, offensive or even insulting. Let me explain, they say that when you reach a certain level of awesomeness in sports question marks begin to show up and to make sure it’s all natural they proceed to an anti-doping test. So basically, they’re saying that you’re so awesome they can’t believe it. I find that when you look at it from this angle it’s not bad at all. Moreover, I believe that in order to enjoy any game no one should be allowed to cheat and the same thing is applied to sports. When an athlete dopes himself, it’s basically cheating and making the games unfair. Furthermore, it should be taken into consideration that there are athletes that have been training for a least a year to perform at their best in the event but they find themselves, in some cases, with doped athletes and consequently can’t achieve what they want. In brief, a doping test is something that promotes fair play and should not be frowned upon by athletes but instead needs to be taken as a compliment to their performance.

Hassan Bahsoun

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