Concentration Camp Life and Atrocities


        These were the overall most known final solution for Nazis to control and capture the Jewish, Homosexuals, Gypsies, German Communists, Socialists, Social Democrats, etc. They were like a college campus or a high school of how it was laid out. Had certain buildings for different things, such as the top corner of the gated community, was the "Execution Hall". Which shows they had to be in a certain place in their own community, forced to be in because they were not 'perfect'. They were being starved by Nazis, so they could not resist or fight back. Fighting to live when they already were fighting for beingdifferent.

This is the lay out of a classic concentration camp. They were very orderly and strict on what they expected from the men and boys that were going through them at this time in history.

This video shows how the conditions were different from camp to camp.They were very hard for the Jews especially because they did most of the work and went through the most physical pain, in this situation does not not matter how much pain you went through it is the emotional pain that stayed with most survivors.

This source shows the population density of the concentration camps and which ones were more "popular". These were the most dangerous and more mass murder camps, where they killed men and women in mass amounts more because they had too many people coming at once.