Middle East Assessment

By: Sam Pierce


I found the objective of this game confusing. My only knowledge was who ever ended the game with the most power, wins. I felt I went into the game confused to begin with, never mind all the confusion later on in the game.

Groups involved.

1. The United States

2. Peasants

3. A corrupt Government

4. Military

5. Guarillas

Activity Summary.

   In this activity, there were several groups involved. These were: The Guerillas, Peasants, a Corrupt Government, Military, and The United States. All of which groups besides The United States were part of Guatemala. The purpose of this activity was to show us how power shifts through government, and as a country as a whole. That's exactly what happened. During the beginning of the game, I, an American Citizen, and many other members of the group, were overwhelmed by everyone looking for The United States to help build a stronger platform for their country to grow. In this process, confusion, and anger started to build. During the beginning of the game, Guatemala was having a Government crisis, which they expected the United States to help. It seemed a mob of people started approaching the United States. As this started to occur, false treaties were signed, putting a "supreme leader" in charge of the United States. As this happened, the "supreme leader" made decisions for the United States as a whole, without any group concession. As this happened, the United States Government silenced their leader, leaving everyone in the group equally in charge. Soon after the silence, we were then exposed to the fact the Military, USA, and Peasants were all one group...Or so we thought. As we carried on as a powerful country, we discovered all of our military was given to the peasants, and the peasants were seeking to take control, and everyone's power away from them. As this happened, previous "supreme leader" was released from prison, and returned to the United States. As the peasants started gaining more control and capturing all the power, the United States made the decision to Invade Guatemala, and kill all group leaders, taking all of their power back that was stolen.

Shifting power, cooperation & conflict review.

Power shifted in many ways. During this activity, I observed that we as a class are attracted to power. As power shifted, we began to get unstable. This can be related to other nations, such as Russia, Egypt, and many countries in South Africa. The United States took control and silenced its leader, we then discovered all of our power was taken from the peasants. This is a great example of that is going on with Russia. Russia took control invading a country, then to find its power was being threatened by the United States.

What role did the United States have?

The United States was introduced in the beginning of the game, as the most powerful nation in the world. I feel this affected the way we were viewed in our control of power. My thoughts behind this are that, if this wasn't mentioned, the other groups may not have known what power we fulfilled and wouldn't seek our help.

What happens as power shifts? Can this be a positive, or negative affect?

Power definitely shifted through out this game. There were many negative affects on The United States, due to the fact of lack of communication, and poorly specified treaties. Other groups were found with the United States Troops, and this angered the U.S. It is positive on the other groups, because they get what they want; power.

My life/Real world examples.

Cooperation and conflict exists in everybody's life, whether they realize it, or not. In my life, I feel I cooperate with my parents. There is not much conflict. Cooperation may be as simple as parents asking you to do homework, and you do it. This is  an example in my life. Another example is making sure we take my dog out, and taking care of the house while my mom is at work. Cooperation (and conflict) may be a simple task.

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