Stop the Drug Problems

Drug misuse

In 2008 about 8,500 people died from drug misuse.

Here is a website that can help you out with drug misuse.

Some of the most misused drugs are OxyCotin,Vicodin and Morphine.

Drug Abuse

About 20,000 people die from drug abuse each in America each year.

For help with drug abuse you can visit this website

Some of the most common illegal drugs are Cocaine,Heroin,Marijuana and Ecstasy.


There are two types of withdrawal physical and emotional withdrawal.  These are created by a different types of drugs.  Some emotional symptoms of withdrawal are headaches, irritability, depressions and insomnia.  Some physical symptoms are sweating, racing heart and diffuclties breathing.

For help with withdrawal you can go to this website


Addiction is when a person is stuck on a substance and can't get off of it.  The stages of addiction are the early stage where there life is suffering because of their addiction and the late stage is when they have to use it everyday, they lost their jobs and their relationships are done.

To get help with addiction you can go to one of the sites we mentioned early.

Physical Dependency

Physical dependency is used to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

Psychological Dependency

Psychological dependence is were the drug is used obtain relief from tension or emontional discomfort.  

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