Famous Cowboys and Legends of the Old West

1. Birth Name: Robert Clay Allison

2. Clay Allison was a gunfighter and a ruthless killer

3. Born September 2, 1840

4. Died July 3, 1887  the cause of his death was a broken neck from accident

5. He was not married.

6. Allison had no children and was the 4th of the 9 children of his father Jeremiah Scotland Allison and his wife Mariah R. Brown.

7. Clay Allison was always known to his family as a person who has always had a bad temper, he was a ruthless killer, gunfighter and Texas cattle rancher. Clay Allison joined the Klu Klux Klan who disliked Freemen's and who was a threat to slaves. Allison killed many people and those who he so called his "friends".

8. Yes he was in the Klux Klu Klan.

9. Allison helped on the family farm near Waynesboro, Tennessee. The American Civil war began when he was 21 on October 15, 1861. Allison joined the Confederate Army, however, was medically discharged because of a head injury and was unable to perform duties as a soldier.


- Clays father a Presbyterian minister, who also worked in the cattle and sheep business died when Clay was only five.

- Clay Accidentally shot himself on the foot while military men were after him for stealing 12 government mules with two other men which left him with a permanently limp.

- Clay Allison, eccentric gunfighter and rancher, dies in a freak wagon accident in Texas.

-He was known as a knife-to knife fighter, but also good with guns

-At the end of the war Allison surrendered with Forrest's men at Gainesville, Alabama May 4, 1865.  After being held prisoner Allison ad others were left free and allowed them to return to there homes on May 10th.

-Allison grave which is located at Pecos Park next to Pecos Museum in Texas.

-He was feared for his wild mood swings and easy anger.

-Clay dies by a sack of grain falling from the wagon as Allison fell from the wagon as he tried to catch it. A wagon wheel rolled over him, breaking his neck. He was 46 years old.

-Clays grave marker reads:


SEP 2 1840
JUL 3 1887


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