The Qin, Shang, and Zhou Dyansty  

Ancient China Dyanstys  

Qin Dynasty

The Qin Dynasty's emperor based his ideas on legalism and anyone who opposed him were punished or killed and books opposing his views were burned. He made the Central government stronger that ever before. The Qin emperor was very legalism ( strict adherence, or the principle of strict adherence, to law or prescription, especially to the letter rather than the sprit) with his laws and punishments. The Qin Dynasty was not a very long dynasty. It did not last that long because the  Emperor died (Archeologist believe he died of poison) and unhappiness went over the land. The new emperor was not doing that well at running the dynasty so they were overrun and the dynasty was destroyed. One of the accomplishments form the Dynasty was they built the great wall of China. Northern China was protected by the Gobi Desert. But grops of nomads (groups of people who never had a permeant home in one place) kept stealing from the farmers so Emperor Qin decided he would build the great wall of China to keep the farms safe. So the Emperor ordered the farmers to build the Great Wall of China so now it would be more difficult to break in.     

Shang Dyansty  

The Shang Dynasty was one of Chinas first capitols. Archeologist believe that the Shang Dynasty built one of the first citys in China. When archeologist found there ruins they found a palace a house and a temple. They also found some of the weapons they used in battle. They were mostly made out of bronze. Some of the weapons included spears, axes, arrowheads, and helmats. The way they found out to make bronze is by mixing copper and tin. The Shang Dynasty were one of the first civilizations to learn how to make bronze. The way the Dynasty ended was by ruling classes to bring up great wealth but there was to much warfare that the military was weaken and the Shang Dynasty was destroyed. When archeologist found the ruins they found nine royal tombs. Inside the tombs there were weapons, carved jade ornaments, bone carvings, pieces of pottery, stone sculptors, and evan chariots. Also the Shang had Oracle Bones which was like a magic 8 ball. There were 2 answers which were should the emperor do this or that. The bones did not have spells on them.

The Zhou Dynasty

The Zhou Dynasty lasted longer that 700 years. They lasted from 1045 B.C.E to 256 B.C.E. Approximately 789 years. Some of the accomplishments that they had were they made the irrigation and flood control system. Also they learned how to use iron which was cheeper and stronger that bronze. They also learned how to use a catapult, and the China's first calvary (military on horseback). Using these helped strengthen the army of Zhou. They also introduced coins to China.        

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