-not just another calculator!


This session is an interactive explore, so prepare to use your device if you brought one.

If you did not, then find a neighbor willing to share!


Inquiry with Desmos

Or use the QR code posted on the tables.

Play with the inquiry activities for a few minutes.


Stop and Jot

How might you use Desmos in your classroom?


Why I Like Desmos


Let's play!

Go to:

Enter the code posted on the board.

Follow the instructions.


Explore Class Activities

Handcrafted class activities ... guaranteed student engagement/learning!


Stop and Jot

How might you use one of the class activities?


Sharing Resources

Desmos How-To:

Desmos Explore:

Learn Desmos Challenges:

Sample Desmos Lessons:

MTBoS Desmos Bank:

Desmos Demos (Calculus):

Twitter: Follow@Desmos and look for #Desmos for ideas!


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