Walt Disney

BY: Ethan Liu


Walt Disney was an American motion-picture and television producer and showman, famous as a pioneer of cartoon films and as the creator of disneyland.

Walt disney was born on December 5 , 1901,in Hermosa, illinois.He began drawing when he was a child.He went to a high school and started to draw figures and cartoons.

He started a career as an newspaper artist.And later he started to do animations and commercials, then he decided he wanted to make his own cartoon animation business.He hired his first employee which was Fred Harman. Both of them started the cartoon business and made a cartoon,which they  called, Laugh-O-Grams. They soon all made and combined fairy tales and made which it was called , Alice in cartoonland.

Soon disney went to go to hollywood, and his brother and him soon both made the , Disney brothers' studio. later they invented a character called, Oswald, which was a lucky rabbit , and contracted the shorts at $1,500 each.

In 1925 , Disney hired an ink-and-paint artist named Lillian Bounds. After a hard time with each other, they both got married. Later the Disney brothers made a new character named, Mickey Mouse .Disney created a short animation called, Steamboat Willie. With Walt disney as the voice of Mickey,the cartoon became a successful cartoon animation.(Look up at the photo to see what Walt Disney made for the cartoon.) ;)

Disney soon became very excited and created figures. Mickeys newly created friends, Minnie Mouse,Donald Duck , Goofy and Pluto. And later he made a lot more of cartoons and animations it became very  successful and famous, he made disney princesses and cartoons of movies like pinocchio and more.

Sadly this day came when an unhappy sight came up,Walt disney the creator of wonderful animations died by lung cancer at the age of 65 at December 15 , 1966.

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