A line for placement in a concentration camp.

The holocaust was one of if not the worst mass genocides in the worlds history. Over six million Jewish and other religions were kill and others were extremely persecuted. the reasoning behind all this persecution was because Germans thought of themselves as superior. also Jews and other people were killed because of religion, political preference and even how they looked. the holocaust is a word originated by the Greek word sacrifice by fire

People who did not die in part of the holocaust's concentration camps did hard labor with barely anything out of it. The prisoners of the concentrations camps were barely fed and were overworked every day against their will. the Nazi's only gave concentration camp prisoner the bare essentials they needed to survive. Overall, 2/3 of the Jewish population were imprisoned and killed in concentration camps.

Before the holocaust was over, there were many other things unique to this subject. Before the holocaust was over, German SS officers made their remaining prisoners run almost 30 miles straight to the next camp just to avoid american liberation of the camps. Finally the concentration camps were liberated and SS officers were killed of and all Jewish prisoners were rounded up and moved to DP (Displaced persons) camps. After this Necessary act made by the allied powers, the former Jewish prisoners were then released from care and the Jewish people moved to other countries away from Germany like Israel and America.

Auschwitz crematorium
auschwitz gas chamber
women camp prisoners
shows the harsh conditions

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Subtopic #1: Death march

The death march was the moving of prisoners from concentration camps by continuous running. The death march usually finished off the prisoners of these concentration camps because they were already fatigued and hungry by to much. the death marches also had pretty bad nasty wounds coming in with it. in the book Night, The main character and author Elie Wiesel had a really bad foot wound from the death march he ran in. Also these death marches were very long as well. Some of these death marches went on for 30 miles straight at some points.

Subtopic #2: Kapos: Kapos were Jewish or non-Jewish enforcers in concentration camps. Kapos were most of the time very mean and brutal to the prisoners they enforced. Kapos were the secondary source of death in concentration camps because often they beat prisoners to death. Kapos were positioned to people who were not meant to take any crap from anybody.

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