Tanzania has lost of history. One of the main events that happened was when two countrys merged and became Tanzania. The two countrys were Tanganyika and Zanzibar. They Merged together in 1964 which means Tanzania became a country that year. Their is another interesting fact from our history.  In 1964 Swahili was created. Swahili was created by Arabs and Bantu. Swahili because the les used language but some people still use it.

                       this is out flag.


In Tanzania they speak 2 main languages. We speak Swahili also know kiswahilli. Swahili is a mixcture of languages like Aribic,very little english, and lotsof other languages to. The second language we speak is Aribic. We speak mainly Aribic because it is what most kids and aults are taught.


Tanzanians Make lots of triditional food.the most popular is Ugali. Ugali is like a cornmeal porridge. if you would like to make ugali here is the recipie it is really simple all you need is salt and a fine white cereal.

Note:Most dishes are prepared to go along with ugali, a main starch staple, or with rice or banana.Ingredients:1 quart water or chicken broth
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup fine white cereal

  1. Bring the water or chicken broth to boil in a 2-quart saucepan.
  2. Add salt and cereal.
  3. Swirl the cereal into the boiling water and cook to a thick, heavy porridge.
  4. Keep warm over hot water, in a double boiler, until ready to serve.

                          Places to visit

In Tanzania their are lost of interesting places to visit like stone town. Stone town isnt that pretty or is it that close to nature. It isnt that breathtaking because it is a part of an old town. the buildings are mainly brick. It cosits of mainly alley ways and narrow streets. In Tanzania you can also go and visit the beach. the beach i am tlaking about is the Jambiani beach. This beach looks very pretty in the evening when the sn is going down.

              Interesting culture facts

Some culture facts you might want to know is that when you are greating someone you must always give a hand shake. You must do this because not a lot of poeple speak swahili and not all people speak arabic. Another big culture fact would be to was your hands in water or basin. thoes are the two main/big culture facts because al long as you know these you should be good for a while and remember if you do speak make shure it is in arabic if they dont answer back try swahili.

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