Australian Stereotypes
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A stereotype is an attitude that people develop towards people who are different. They are outcomes of discrimination in a particular group of people or a person. It is your social perception of somebody, usually based on their race, colour, sex, country, beliefs and characteristics.  Across the world people are convinced not to stereotype others, although they most often define their own cultures identity by stereotyping themselves.

Two stereotypes that are common in Australia are:

1. Vegemite- is stereotyped as a common product that is thought to be something that TRUE Australians consume, although not ALL Australians may like it. I don't believe that it is accurate as many Australians don't like vegemite and shouldn't be considered not Australian if they don't like an Australian product.

2.  Kangaroos- is stereotyped, yes we do have many kangaroos in Australia but like people from many countries believe, we DO NOT ride kangaroos to school. This stereotype is largely incorrect because nobody owns a kangaroo and the vast majority of people that live in the city have never even seen a kangaroo.

Stereotyping can damage a person or groups self esteem and confidence by making them feel like they are unlike other people, they're "not normal", not societies expectations. Also, by judging people on their race some people may not be able to get jobs or have the same rights and opportunities as somebody who is white. It is extremely wrong and shouldn't be happening in today's society.

Three different Australian Accents:

1. General Australian accents- most common type of English spoken. e.g. Julia Gillard.

2. Broad Australian accent- more extreme Australian language, generally used by working class Australians (farmers). e.g. Steve Irwin

3. Cultivated Australian accent- posh accent, usually associated with Australian actors, most common in women, it is an elevated type of Australian speech. e.g. Cate Blanchett

I believe that i have a general Australian accent because my family speak a common Ausralian accent and we don't live in the country. It reveals that i am a general Australian, i live a typical Australian life, im not a farmer or a city girl. Just a general Australian.

By Taylah Hayes