THESIS STATEMENT:When You Read My Tackk, You will learn about Who is ISIS, What they do to cause trouble in our world, and What important information i have found.

   Born from brutal Al Qaeda faction, The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has grown from relative obscurity in recent years to overshadow its extremist patrons. ISIS now terrorizes large swaths of Syria and Iraq, and now has become the target of the largest U.S. Military operation in Iraq in years and, with the public, cold-blooded execution of multiple Westerns, dominates headlines the world ever.


                                                      Information about ISIS

The leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi formed the military group in Salaheddin and Diyala provinces North of the Iraqi Capitol before joining Al Qaeda in Iraq. ISIS is responsible for bombings, kidnappings, and their specialty beheadings in Iraq. The original name for ISIS was AQI, but was changed in 2013. AQI was weakened in Iraq in 2007 as a result of what is known as the Sunni Awakening, when a large alliance of Iraqi Sunni Tribes. Different translations of Arabic name is al-Baghdadi gave his organization have spawned other English-language versions such as the ISIS and the ISIL. ISIS has been known for kidnapping people from the press and making execution videos of their beheadings. 2 of the beheadings are U.S citizens and caused a lot of commotion in the U.S, their names were James foley and Steven sotloff.

                                              Ways To Stop ISIS

ISIS has good weapons, so start thinking about the need for an arm embargo on all sides. 2-ISIS has a good military leadership, but only if a new gov't made up of too many of the same old sectarian faces. 3- ISIS has support from Sunni tribal leaders and so far president Obama is persuading to break w/ ISIS. Last, but not least ISIS has support from ordinary Iraqi Sunni's who may hate what ISIS stands for, it's extremism and violence, As a result they also are willing to ally w/ ISIS against Baghdadi, at least for now.


On the Left is James Foley and on the Right is Steven Sotloff
Group of Supporters for IS
Flag of ISIS

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