: In real life have you seen a wolf pack eat a buffalo, deer’s, elks, and all there’s left is bones on the ground. All the wolves were all in yellow stone and they didn't see them for many years.

When the wolves were gone, the elks were eating the trees which they eat bark.In yellow stone the wolves were walking suddenly the geysers shoot out hot water hits them and their covered with water in the area.The wolves really hate boiling hot water. When the elks were eating the trees, the birds didn't have shelter or bring any food inside the shelter.The past few days the wolves were very lost in the forest since they got there. The elks were wondering where all the wolves were.

Yellowstone without wolves

Everything was getting destroyed and the levees are falling to the ground. Most of the animals were alive some were dead on the ground. The flowers were black and brown because the wolves are not here to eat the deer’s and elks. The elks were destroying everything since the wolves were gone since the start. Since the wolves and the wolf pack were gone the fox’s beavers are running out of shelter food water too. Birds and other animals were Skinner like a bone.

National Park

While the elks were eating a forest of trees some of the wolves were dead. Some of the wolves were looking for food but some of the geysers just keep splashing them. Some of the beaver’s foxes were decomposed and it’s disgusting. Most of the elks were having it all some of them were fighting over it. The Young wolves are growing year after year then they created a pack. Some ate a lot of animals. In the forest the bushes are gone half the forest of trees. The wolves return the wolves were back suddenly the elks an the deer’s saw the wolf pack and the elks and deer’s were running the wolf pack was chasing the elks the wolf pack just jumped on the elks and the wolf pack just ate them all there was left was bones.