Marketing Mix - The 4 P's
Coca Cola


One of the biggest soft drink company world wide is Coca Cola. They have lots of different product such as; Life, Diet, Cherry and Vanilla. This is only a few examples as there is several more products. Not only do Coca Cola own Cola but they also own other companies such as Fanta, Oasis and Dr pepper


Coca cola have lots of way to advertise their products. Some examples of this is on a bus, on sides of buildings and billboards. Coca Cola is one of the best advertised companies known today, and they also use festive holidays to promote their product


Coca cola is sold in lots of different places such as supermarkets, local stores and vending machines. It is easily accessed by customers and can be found in lots of places close by


There are several different sizes for these products like the 330ml can, 500ml bottles and 250ml cans. The bigger the bottle/can the more expensive they are. These prices are very appealing to customers as it is a fairly cheap price to pay for a drink at this size, and it is in a lot of demand because it is a popular drink