Peace Corner

Scott Still touches the community

"Our death is not an end,
if we have lived on in our children,
and generations...for they are us. Our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life" -Albert Einstein

Over the weekend end, a couple of friends, and I traveled up to the University of California Santa Cruz, (UCSC) campus to dedicated a Peace Corner in the name of Scott Kennedy at the Page Smith Library. The event was memorable, and an honor to Scott who sadly passed away two years ago. He was a powerful community activist, visionary city leader, and founder of the Santa Cruz Resource Center for Nonviolence. Years back, Scott and I were board members together, and I knew him as someone who challenged convention, and questioned authority. The danger and delight in the struggle for justice was the source that fueled both Scott's passion, and his purpose. In retrospect, it's good to know that with this accolade a new generation of young people will get to know him.