Internet Safety

By: Makena Raimrez

Safety tips!!
1. Never ever share your password!~ Giving someone your password gives them the chance to hack like lets say Facebook or Tweeter, they could mess stuff up on your account.
2. Do NOT give out your name, gender, etc. ~ Telling someone your gender is a BIG red flag! Cause if they know your a boy/girl they could have the chance to tell you there like a twelve year old kid.
3. Think before you click. ~ Think before you click on a site you've never been on before, is it safe?, is it OK with my parents?, etc.
4. Never add someone you don't know.  ~ Adding someone you don't know is a bad idea, they could stalk you, kidnap you, even hurt you.
5. Always keep your privet stuff to yourself. ~ Keeping everything you know about yourself can keep you safe.

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