introduction to cells

what is a cell?cells are the basic unit of life

cell theory
1.all living things are made up of cells
2.cells are the smallest living thing,the basic unit of structure and fuction in living things
3.cells are made from other cells

characteristics of living things
1.Living things are made of cells

2.Living things obtain and use energy

3.Living things grow and develop

4.Living things reproduce

5.Living things respond to their environment

6.Living things get rid of waste

she is a living thing and all living things have cells  and example is a human

all living things grow and the example is a big dog and the little dog the big dog was a puppy at one time

all living things adapt to their environment a example is a dog

all living thing use energy and example is a dog running is using energy

all living things reproduce and a example is a dog having puppies