Colombia is in the top of South America. The capital is Bogotá.


In Colombia the currency is Colombian Peso. One peso is .00042 cents.

Main exports and imports

Main export of Colombia is crude petroleum. Some other exports are coal, refined petroleum, gold, coffee, cut flowers and bananas. The main import is refined petroleum. Some others are cars, computers, corn, tractors, phoenes,

Main Cities

The 3 biggest cites are Bogotá, Cali, Medellín. Bogotá has 7.5 million people, Medellín has 2.184 million and Cali has 2.04 million.

Tourist Attractions

Medellín is one of the top tourist attractions. This cites is know to be called eternal spring because it is near the equator and 5,000 ft above sea level. This city has amazing culture and ethnicity.

Botanical Gardens in Bogotá. Here there are massive gardens and green houses. This is for people who want to enjoy the nature of Colombia but aren't comfortable going out in it.

Cartagena is the old capital of the old Spanish Empire. You can walk around and see the historic buildings. You can get a glimpse of the lost city of Colombia.

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