Flight Technology

Flight: Is the process by which an object moves through an atmosphere.

Session 1:

In session one we learned the basic aerodynamics. Then we learned and experiment with the software that simulates  airflow.

Session two:

In session two we took an RCA. Then we examined factors that change lift. Finally, we began wing construction.

Wing contruction

Session 3:

In session three we took an RCA. Then we completed wing construction.

Session 4:

In session four we tested the amount of lift produced by wind flowing over our wing.

Session 5:

In session five we explored the basic controls on a Cessna plane. Then we flew the Cessna using the flight simulation software.

Session 6:

In session six we performed basic flight maneuvers using the Flight Simulator software.

Session 7:

In session seven we took a post test. Then we used a navigation plotter to determine the direction and distance of a flight being planned. After we used the Flight Simulator software to test the accuracy  we had guessed.


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