Jewish History

by: T'shea Johnson and History

The Jewish culture

the Jewish people prey different and they also have different holidays too. the jewish men go to a wall that was destroyed 2,000 years ago. the temple was build by Solomon for the first temple for Jews. it was destroyed twice in 70.c.e.

Jesus grew up as a Jew in palestine. there was a big coffin build for lot,abarham,moses,and more. Three faiths share and dispute the same grounds.

this is the picture of the Jewish holiday celebration of Hankkah.

They celebrate this holiday because they celebrate the victory of the maccabees. they dress up and dance and eat and enjoy the celebration of the victory of the good and greatful Maccabees.they worship the good and greatful maccabees.the Jewish people are different type of people than the regular american people,the american people think of different things and different holidays.

this picture is "THE END" in hebrew.

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