History Timeline

By Jose Flores

Feb 15, 1898

USS Maine Explodes in Havana Harbor , yellow journalism  blamed the Spanish for blowing it up .

U.S declares   war!!!

Yellow Journalism  blamed the Spanish Blamed for the explosion of the USS Maine.

April 25, 1898 The U.S declared war against Spain!!!!!

May 1, 1898 : in the first battle between Spanish and American Forces, U.S Commodore Dewey and his Asiatic squadron defeat the Spanish  fleet at Manila Bay in the Philippines.

June 22, 1898: U.s troops land in Cuba.

July 1 1898 :  U.S Forces defeat the Spanish at the battle of San Juan heights.

July 3 1898: U.S Forces destroy the Spanish Fleet off Santiago Bay , Cuba.

The War is over !!!!

Aug 12, 1898 : The U.S and Spain sign the Protocol of Peace , ending Hostilites between the two.

Dec 10, 1898 : Treaty of Paris is signed giving up control of Cuba which becomes an  indpendent republic and cedes Puerto Rico,Guam and (for 20mill) the Philippines to the U.S .

July 7 1898: U.S annexes Hawaii by an act of congress

(Note: Theodore Roosevelt before President Fought in Spanish American war ).

That Concludes the Spanish American War , this gave power to the U.S being by giving the them territory ,which came with that was goods .

march 4 1901 William Mckinley's  was assassinated . Theodore Roosevelt then became  president.

Nov 17 1903: U.S  acquires Panama Canal Zone

-U.S  protected panama from intruders trying to take over ,so they gave them miles of the Panama Canal

Gave U.S Power Over seas (build Navys )

The Tides Break loose
World War 1 has begun !!!

June 28, 1914 : Archduke Franz was assassinated

-he was from Austria- Hungary

Aug  1, 1914 : WORLD WAR ONE BEGINS:

Feb 15 , 1915 : German proclamation - submarine warfare , submarines would get shot down in unrestricted   areas.

May 7, 1915 : sinking of the Lusitania (128 Americans died ) , total was 1,198 people died .

April 24 , 1916 : Sussex pledge  : Germany signed a paper saying they wont at the U.S again .

Feb 3, 1917 : failure of Diplomacy : Germany back stabbed  U.S  and attacks again .

Feb 24 , 1917 : Zinerman telegram - Germany wanted Mexico to join and attack the U.S

April 6, 1917 : U.s Enters war - U.S had enough of Germany and declares war ( mexico stayed neutrual )

may 18 1917 : Selective act : get volenturies to  join War .

Sep 26 , 1918: Battle of the Argonne forest  ; major  turning point of the war , which involved the AEF (American Expeditionary Forces .Leader of that group was John Pershing , battle took place in Belgum , Pershing and his troops forced Germans all the way back making them araists .

Nov 11 , 1918 : Germany surrendered - war was over

1919; U.S rejects the treaty of  Versailles : because the league of nations blamed Germany for everything , they took territories from them  , reduce their military , and made them pay for all the damages when  it should of been but on the central powers  .

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