Fall of Dien Bien Phu

The Battle of Dien Bien Phu was a  battle between France and Vietnam. The terrain was rough and the battle was going to be hard to win for the French.This battle was important because it showed that non european countries can win a battle not only with guerilla war pfare but also with an army. The battle ended with France leaving and a Vietnam victory.

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

The Gulf of Tonkin resolution was a contract signed between the United States and North Vietnam about the Gulf of Tonking incident. This was when the US and North  Vietnam fought in the Gulf of Tonkin because of a torpedo that hit a US boat. The resolution is important be ause it gave Lyndon B. Johnson, or the US, to proceed in the Vietnam war.

Tet Offensive

The Tet Offensive was awar effort from North Vietnam agaisnt South Vietnam, the US forces and their allies. This was a sequence of surprise attacks in South Vietnam which began on the holiday Têt. Although the North Vietnam general lost in South GpVietnam, he won against the US. This served as the turning point in the war because North Vietnam showed to be strong and started to win the war.

The US leaves the War

After the Tet offensive, the US decided to leave the war and leave South Vietnam to fight the war themselves. This was decided on the Peace contract the US signed with North and South Vietnam 2 months before. This is important because it shows how everyone is giving up in the war and that North Vietnam is probably going to win the war.

Fall of Saigon

Thr Fall of Saigon is when North Vietnam took over South Vietnam's capitol of Saigon. This was important because this is when North Vietnam took over South Vietnam and the whole of Vietnam became communist.