Where Am I From/ Where Am I Going

1.) How did you make the theme your own?

Where Am I From- I am from Iowa and Iowa has a lot of farms, so I took a picture of my grandmas barn.

Where Am I Going- I don't now where I am going but I know I'm going somewhere, so I took a picture of a road.

2.) What do you like about your photo?

Where Am I From- I love the old looking effect on it.

Where Am I Going- I like how it looks like it can go on forever.

3.) What would you change?

Where Am I From- The sun is kinda over powering. I should of taken it at a different angle.

Where Am I Going- I don't like the way the snow is on the road. I should of choose a different road.

4.) What actions did you run and what did you do with these actions?

Where Am I From- Vintage, Stellar, Day Dream, and Peachy Film. I used them out once.

Where Am I Going- Hazy. I used it once.

5.) What photo from last week did you think was the best and WHY?

Heart- Monica, because I like the effect of the antlers.

Sing Me A Song- Allison, because it really does represent the song.