Children in the 19th century and nowadays


If I must choose between the children`s life in the 19th century or nowadays , I will allways prefer nowdays , because our life are easier than the 19th century life. We must be thankful with our type of life , we have lot of comfort , right to education , right to don`t work etc.Now I would tried to comment , share information and characteristic about the both lifes .

Children in the 19th century had to worked .For many families, it was more important for a child to bring home a wage than to get an education. The kids get used to died at an erlier age because they had worked in the carbon mine or in a dangerous factories. Today we don`t work ,we must go to the school to recive  education and then we will be preparete for the univercity or to find a job .

Children nowadays are used to having fun with technology for example computer, smart phones, video games etc. But before, the kids used to have fun in the farms and countries, they also had contacted with the nature. Today our society are having problems because the adolescent prefer staying at home, consequently teenagers sometimes suffer obesity.

I think that before, children had distanced with his parent and was very common sometimes that some parents hited their children. Now I know that some children suffer violence but in general I think that the family  are  very closer.

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