Google Tips!

By: Lane Lockwood

Find Recipies

Finding recipes is easy to search in goggle. Search what type of food you want a recipe for and google will bring up many different types of recipies untill you find the one you want to make and eat! Yum!

Check The Weather!

To search the web is a quick easy way to find out were it is snowing, raining, or sunshine all day. Type in "weather" into your google search box and type the city, town, state, etc. after it. And you will immediately find out what the weather is like there!

Get Realtime Stock Quotes

Finding out what is happening to the stock is easy and helpful. Type in your ticker symbol in the Google search box and you will get an update on the stock!

Sport Scores and Schedules!

Get fast feedback on what your favorite teams have done if you don't have time to watch the game! Type in your team in the Google search box and you will get the score from your most recient games and the upcoming schedule.

Get Defintions!

Need to know a word defintion? Type in define:____ and you will get a quick defintion of your word!

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