United States Imperialism

How the US Did and Did Not Abandon its Ideals

THESIS: During the late 19th century, the United States abandoned a few of its democratic ideals in the pursuit of foreign colonies and territories, but also held steadfast to others.

The United States Leaving its Ideals in the Dust:

Equality - As seen in the picture below, when the US took control of Hawaii, we also took away their rights and freedom, going off of the idea that the Polynesians were less than us and as the greater human it was within our rights to take their resources and strip them of everything they had.

Liberty - As seen in the picture below, the US lost sight of its idea of liberty when we took over the Dominican Republic between 1916 and 1924. Our government gave the island nation no chance to survive with out our help after their president died, we came in and choice a president who would help us with our needs, not giving them the time to think and act for themselves.

The United States Strengthening its Ideals for the Journey Ahead

Patriotism - as shown in the image below, the United States came together and fought the  problems that came hurdling towards us together. The government and the media had the public believing that taking over these nations was the right thing to do. The citizens devotion to the United States drove the exploration and expansion more than anything else.

The Common Good - As seen in the image below, the United States stood by our ideal of the common good. When we went into Panama in 1903 to build the Panama Canal, we went with the intention of forming a safer trading route for everyone, including Panama.

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