the water cycle

By: Andrew severson

Ok hi i am here today to talk about the water cycle. It all starts with Precipitation. Precipitation is made up of any type of water that falls on our earth. Then we get to Infiltration. Infiltration will happen when water soaks into the ground. Now is groundwater. Groundwater is water underground that soaks into the soil. Last but not least. Warmth causes ice and water to go up into the sky so it can rain again. Ok now lets talk about the clean water act. The factories had to get permits to eliminate wastes. In 1972 The clean water act passed this law to protect the lakes, streams and rivers of the country. A large amount of waste was discharged into lakes and streams. All around the country people were concerned about how we use water. Now here are some ways to take care of your yard so water is int polluted. Test the soil before planting plants so you wont add to much fertilizer. Keep your grass clippings  in your lawn  because it helps not  pollute water

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