Visit Athens, Greece

By Emily McKenna

Our Economy which is based on trade, can get you food from not just Athens! But that's not the only reason of why you can come, here's some more!

Our Entertainment

Do you love to be fit, and to try different sports? Well in Athens we were part of the Olympics played across the World! Do you love Marathons also? Well you're in luck! Legend says after Athens won the battle of Marathon being outnumbered, a runner ran the distance of Marathons run today, and fell dead after announcing our Victory!We're also known for the Olympics, it was our way to honor the God of the Gods and Goddesses, Zeus!

Do you like Comedy? Do you like Tragedies that catch you on edge? Well Athens' performances were performed in other countries, Our semicircle shaped theaters are built so everyone can see on many views! We even have actors that'll fly across the stage thanks to our special effects!

Do you like the simpler Trip?

Athens has many things to learn, even if it's not for everyone. Our Architecture has inspired other countries, some Government buildings in America uses our Columns for instance, The Doric column, Ionic column, and the Corinthian column !

Our Inspiration and Education to others

Us Athenians like reasonable answers, do you?  Socrates was practically famous not just for his teaching skills, but his questions. Asking for reasonable answers. Euclid, a famous mathematician wrote a Mathematical book used for roughly 2,000 years!  We don't copy our neighbors, we inspire them. Our way of life is inspirational to others, and the education too! We came up with Geography, Geometry, Longitude and latitude, even so medical ways used in other countries! The way we group animals even is used today across the world!

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