Mrs. Vande Hei's Newsletter
February 2nd-6th

What do you get when you mix Groundhog's Day week with our 100 Day Celebration? You get one crazy week with a lot of excitement in kindergarten! What a way to start our February that's for sure!


This week, we finished up making our short vowel books. We continue to talk about our 5 vowels and how they make 2 sounds. This is important whe the kids are stretching out their words and I tell the to change the vowel sound from either the long to the short or vice versa. We also have been talking about the 'Bossy e' at the end of words and how that letter can change the sound of a vowel before it (in case your child talks about the 'bossy e' at home. Another decoding strategy that we have been talking about is when 2 vowels are together, the first one 'does the talking'. Yes, these are higher level skills, but there are many of the kindergarten students who are already working on these strategies to help them become better readers.

Reading Never Stops

Your child has grown as a reader tremendously! This week, we read nonfiction text about groundhogs and also fiction texts about the 100th day of school. Many of our literacy and math activities focused around the number 100 too.


We started working on our technology and writing project his week. In kindergarten, we focus on a "How to" writing project and the students showcase their writings through the use of technology. This will be something we will continue through the next 2 weeks with the help of our library media specialist and should be a lot of fun!


In math, we continued our practice of learning about what a number sentence is and what the addition and subtraction symbol means. We learned about the equal sign and the not equal sign. The students also used manipulatives, if they needed, to help them work through addition and subtraction problems. We will be continuing this for the rest of the year as it is a difficult concept for the students. The kids had fun playing Race to 100 and counting out Fruit Loops into groups of ten to make their Fruit Loop necklace for Friday. (I am not sure how many of those made them home as they probably snuck some bites in on the bus!)


Please send your valentines in with your child. Make sure the blue stamp is on them that was sent home two weeks ago. We will be starting out postal service on Monday and it will continue throughout the week. Each day, students in kindergarten will be taking turns collecting and delivering all of the kindergarten valentines, then bringing them altogether, and sorting into 4 classroom piles...only to redistribute to the classrooms. This helps in teaching the students about our postal delivery system and how it all works. On Friday, we will open the valentines in the afternoon before we play Bingo with other students in the school.