Week 13: Voxer

This week's "Techy Tool" is Voxer, an app that allows you to connect with others via voice. Okay. I know. This sounds a lot like a phone call or even worse ... voicemail!
But it's different. I promise.

Voxer is a walkie-talkie like tool that allows you to easily connect with others with your voice, text, and pictures with the push of a button. You can send a Vox to an individual or a group. Send it anytime - they can listen to it whenever they have the chance. You don't have to wait for their voicemail recording, and they don't have to wait for you to finish speaking before they can start listening. If you're in a spot where you can't talk, you can send a text message or even a picture.

There's a PRO version ($2.99/month) and a FREE version. I'm currently using the free plan. You can see a comparison of the two plans here. The only thing that might make me want to upgrade to the PRO plan one day is the limitation of people on groups. With the free plan, you can have up to 15 people participating in a group chat.

Getting Started

  1. Download Voxer for iOS, Android, or Windows.
  2. Register for an account.
  3. Search for friends and fellow Voxers (According to the Voxer FAQs, you should be able to search by name or email. Sometimes, I have had to ask for the other person's username and search by that.)
  4. Start Voxing!

More Info

If you want to learn more about Voxer and how educators are using it for School Communication and for Professional Development, I encourage you to read the following blog posts ...

Very Pinteresting!

If you're on Pinterest, be sure to follow my Voxer in Education board. As I find additional resources, you can count on me to pin them!


FULL DISCLOSURE here ... I have only used Voxer for chatting with friends and co-workers. If you're interested in using Voxer to connect with other educators (beyond the walls of our campuses and the campuses in our district), please check out Cybrary Man's Voxer Page. He shares information about existing Voxer groups of educators.

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