The Aztec

The is the symbol for the Aztec's.

The origins of the Aztec are uncertain. Sometime during the twelfth century A.D., they began a long migration that brought them to the valley of Mexico. They eventually established a capital at Tenochtitlan, now Mexico city. By 1500, as many as four million Aztec lived in the valley of Mexico and the surrounding valleys of central Mexico. A council of lords and government officials assisting the Aztec ruler. Most people were commoners, and many commoners were farmers. Aztec's believed in many gods. Aztec religion was based on a belief in an unending struggle between the forces of good and evil throughtout the universe. This struggle had created and destroyed four worlds, or suns.

What they Wear?

Aztec clothing was generally loose fitting and did not completely cover the body.

What they eat?

The Aztecs also ate the corn right off the cob and used the kernels in soup, called pozole.

How the got food?

They would grow their own food, but the food they grow was corn crops.

What did their warriors look like?

They were colorful, and they would live a short live .. between the ages of 35-37.

How many people lived in their civilizations?

At their peak, the Aztec civilization had about 15 million people who lived in nearly 500 communities.

What kind of gods did they believe in?

he Aztecs brought their many gods and goddesses with them. As a farming people, the Aztec knew the forces of nature and worshiped them as gods. Most important was their sun god, Huitzilopochtli. The Aztecs also used him as their god of war.

How did they keep track of time

The Aztec people were an agricultural people that equated religion to survival. Aztec priests and leaders researched movements of the sun and planets in the sky.

How did they build?

Their houses and religious structures were unique, however. Aztec cities often competed to construct the greatest temples in the Aztec empire.

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