Aquarium Scrapbook

The aquarium was really cool. It had lots of interesting fish. It smelled kind of funny in there and it was pretty hot. There were lots of other kids there and it got kind of claustrophobic. Overall it was really fun though.

There are two sharks swimming around along with a variety of different species of fish. There is a big coral in the middle along with some big rocks that keep the fish moving around it. Individual-a single thing.

Population-all of the same species inhabiting or living in an area

This individual which is a shark usually eats fish however in this environment it was controlled and only ate what it was fed. It seemed to ignore all of the humans and other fish while it swam around. When it was swimming the fish would move around it as if they knew it was much superior to them.

There is commensalism between the clown fish and the plant. The clownfish gets protected and the plant get nothing. Community is a certain species or thing that live in the same area. Ecosystem is the interaction between a community and their environment. The clownfish need the abiotic factor of water to get their oxygen. They need the biotic factor of the plant to hide from it's predators. There is a mutualism between the flower and the plant. The plant gets fertilized and the butterfly gets to rest. There is parasitism between the caterpillar and the parasite. The parasite gets food and the caterpillar gets hurt.

Protista Characteristics- Multi and Unicellular; Move by cilia, pseudopods, and flagella; Eukaryotes

Plantae Characteristics- Multicellular; Cell wall; Get food via photosynthesis

Fungi Characteristics- Eukaryotics; Heterotrophs; Multicellular

Animal Characteristics- Multicellular; No cell wall; Do not undergo photosynthesis

The large shark in the food web is a consumer in its ecosystem. This organism is a heterotroph, meaning it produces it's own food. The large shark eats the animals and it does not make its own food. This makes it a consumer and a heterotroph. The tiger shark in the food chain is the consumer in its ecosystem. It eats turtles and dolphins. It is a heterotroph.

Producer- An organism that makes its own food.

Consumer- An organism that gets its food from other organisms.

Decomposer- An organism that feeds off of dead organisms

There are at least 3 abiotic factors in this picture. The clouds, sun, and water are some of them. Organisms depend and respond to this environment in many ways. If there was a plant it would need the sun to make energy. It would need the clouds that provide rain so they can have water. An animal would need the water from the waterfall so it would be able to survive.



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