Advice and Gratitude

In life, everyone goes through a time when they are sad, or depressed and just need help getting through it. My advice to you would be to take time every night and make sure all your prioritys are done and spend time just on something you enjoy or time where your not stressed out and can just take a break in life. I would also suggest finding the source of your stress or sadness. Whether it's school or a family situation there is always a way to bring that down whether it's getting help from classmates or teachers so you are understanding everything or if it's just talking to a trusted friend and venting about something that's very hard to get it out of your system and then your ready to focus on the things you need to focus on. Lastly, I would suggest writing about all the things you are grateful for so you are feeling more positive and thankful for the things you do have and then write some things that you can work on. Whenever you are feeling down you can go back to this list and feel happy for the things you do have.

I am thankful for many things in life but some of the things that I'm most thankful for are:

1-  Family: I am happy that I have lots of family and a very close family to go to if in need of support or fun.

2-  Friends: I am very thankful for friends that I can talk to whenever I need and friends that I can have fun with in my free time.

3- School: I am thankful for a school that I can go to for a free education and a spark to my future.

4- Warm House: I am thankful to always have a home to go to and in the summer, a place to go and cool off, and in the winter, a place to go and warm up.

5- My Bed: I am thankful for a warm bed at night with many blankets and pillows to sleep in every night.

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