The World is at War because of a DUKE

Serbia declared its independence and the congress of Berlin recognized and accepted it in 1878. While Franz Ferdinand had no personal liking for the Serbs, he was not hostile to them: in fact he was thought to be a ‘federalist’ who supported giving more freedom and support to the Slavic lands. This alarmed the Serbs, because they thought the Archduke would create a third crown in the Austro-Hungarian empire with Zagreb as the possible capital – if that happened the chances of creating a greater Serbia would vanish.

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand provided Austria-Hungary with an excuse to take action against Serbia. During July 1914 the situation escalated, pulling in the major European powers through the alliance relationships each power had struck up with one another. The result was world war.

Serbs want a secure future, Austria-Hungary wants a World War

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