Weird and Wonderful Courtship

This is our tackk on weird and wonderful mating habits. Animals generally mate sexually but the fertilisation process can be internal or external. The adults often have quite unusual procedures during the courting process. This tackk is to illustrate some of those amazing mating rituals which happen in the animal world.

You will need to create a ThingLink on your particular animal. This is an image that has hotspots which you create. You can see an example below - just mouse over the image.

Now it is your turn to find a weird and wonderful courtship ritual. You will be creating a Thinglink image to present the work and posting it to this site.

1. Go to and create an account

2. Find an image of your animal (make it reasonably large so we can see it)

3. Add the following hotspots to your image - what class of animal is it eg reptile, - is fertilisation internal or external? if the female is different from the male add an image of the other mate, - how are the young born (small adults or larvae etc?) -find a video which shows the mating rituals, - add a website for more information, -add one other fact you find interesting.

4. Save your Thinglink and share it by copying the URL

5. Come back to this tackk and  click on the media icon at the bottom of the page and paste in the Thinglink URL then click embed. Then we can all share what we find. Make sure to include your name with your Thinglink so we can give you credit.

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