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American History 7th period

December 8th 2014

People Gone West

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Top Ten Events

10. The Louisiana Purchase= During the Louisiana Purchase two people named Lewis and Clark went out to Frances territory and bought it for 15 million dollars. During that time Lewis and Clark had help from a native American named Sacagawea. The only reason they helped was because they had traded foods and helpful skills with each other.

9. The Mormon Trail= During the 1830's a guy named Joseph Smith was dreaming and saw a vision of God and Jesus talking to him and start a new religion called Mormonism. Smith wrote a book called Book of Mormon, it caused so much havoc it caused him to leave New York and go west. Later in 1844 Joseph Smith was killed by a angry mob and then Mormons them were frightened for there safety.  

8. Thomas Jefferson= President Jefferson had a strong believe in reducing the power of the government. President Jefferson followed a laissez-fai which allowed people do as they chose. President Jefferson valued education

7. John Adams= President Adams was a Federalist and in the presidential candidate 71 to 68 against Thomas Jefferson and then lost to him after his first term was over. John Adams referred two three French men as X,Y,Z where John Adams wouldn't get those people get in trouble or killed. In 1798 John Adams passed the Alien and Sedition Acts, which allowed the president to imprison or deport aliens who posed a threat.

6. Industrial Revolution= The Industrial Revolution was in the 1790's when they had finally making factories where slaves could collect there cotton in the machine and it separates the seeds from the cotton. Also they have made the steamboat and steam engine.

5. The Mexican and American War= The Mexican and American War started with Texas becoming its own independent country parting from Mexico and the United States. The Mexico got mad and attack the Texas soldiers in the Alamo and left with all of them dead.

4. Manifest Destiny= Manifest Destiny is when Americans thought they where all that and said we should expand from sea to shinning sea.

3. Indian Removal Act= The Indian removal act is when President Jackson made all native American tribes head west.

2. The War of 1812= The war of 1812 is when England and France were fighting and America was caught right in the middle of the war and also Tecumseh and the native Americans.

1. California Gold Rush 1849= In 1848 gold was found in California and many people from the United States, Europe, Australia, China and Mexico to find gold. They set up camps called boomtowns.


Industrial Revolution = 1790 = Industrial Revolution was a big part in Americas society because it allowed people to get to places faster on water, and make clothes easier.

John Adams = 1796 = John Adams was the 2nd president in America and passed the law called alien and sedation acts.

Thomas Jefferson = 1800 = Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president in America and followed a laissez-faire act that lets people do what they want.

Louisiana Purchase = 1803 = The United States purchased land from the French for 15 million dollars to expand to the Midwest and eventually to the west.

The War of 1812 = 1812 = It is where Francis Scott Key saw bombs bursting over fort McHenery and then saw the flag with a hole in  the middle and then wrote the Star-Spangled Banner.

Indian Removal Act = 1830 = Removed all Native Americans from the south and moved them to the west.

Manifest Destiny = 1845 = They thought they had a special purpose so America thought they should be able to expand from sea to shining sea.

The Mormon Trail = 1846 = Made 17,00o Mormons move from New York to Utah and eventually Joseph Smith gets killed by a mob.

The Mexican and American War = 1846 = The war between Mexico and the Republic of Texas to get power of the Alamo.

The California Gold Rush = 1849 = The California Gold Rush made people come from all over the world to come find so gold and get some.


Joseph SMITH

Joseph Smith was a normal Human being until he saw a vision of God and Jesus and they had spoke to him and told him to start a new religion called Mormonism. Mormonism is a religion that calls them self The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Joseph Smith wrote a book called Book of Mormon it made none Mormons so made it led him to leave New York.  Joseph Smith left New York with only 12,000 Pilgrims on the Trail of Mormons because they were seeking freedom for what they believe in. Joseph Smith Finally got to Utah were the y settle to make the Church for Mormons. Joseph Smith was later killed in 1844 by and angry mob and then Mormons feared for there life.

Newspaper Article

Indian Removal Act

During the Indian removal act President Jackson wanted all Indian tribes from the United States located to the frontier land. The native Americans were forced out by American soldiers sent by President Jackson telling them to get your stuff and leave. Many native Americans died on the journey of sickness. The trail was called the trail of tears. There were many people who stopped and settled in Oklahoma, but there were still some curious people who did not settle and went to Oregon. One of the most rebellious native Americans were the Cherokee Indians which had a total of 17,000 native Americans traveling from Georgia to Oregon, or Oklahoma.


Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney was born on December 8, 1765 in Westborough, Massachusetts. He died on January 8, 1825 in New Haven Connecticut. Eli Whitney made one of the best inventions Eli Whitney invented was the Cotton Gin which helped slaves pick cotton and separate seeds from the cotton. Eli Whitney college education came from Yale college is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Eli Whiney had four children with his wife Henrietta Edwards Whitney. Eli Whitney was named after his father Eli Whitney and his mom's name was Elizabeth Fay. Eli Whitney had two younger brothers and a sister.


Mormon JohnnyCake

Here is a form of cornbread used not only by the Mormon immigrants,
as the name indicates, but quite often by most of the immigrants traveling west.
Because of the inclusion of buttermilk, a source of fresh milk was a necessity.

2-cups of yellow cornmeal
½-cup of flour
1-teaspoon baking soda
1-teaspoon salt

Combine ingredients and mix in
2-cups of buttermilk and 2-tablespoons molasses.

Pour into a greased 9” pan and bake at 425 degrees for 20 minutes.
To get a lighter johnnycake include two beaten eggs
and 2 tablespoons melted butter.

By the Numbers

The Curse= There were 7 presidents killed by the curse and 1 was shot but survived and 1 was rush off stage from a bomb malfunction.

Native Americans= There were 9,400 t0 21,000 native Americans killed from traveling to Oregon.

Battle of Thames= There were a total of 72 deaths out of Native Americans, British, and Americans.

Free States= There where a total of 20 free states.

Slave States= There where a total of 16 slave states.

The Number of Presidents in 1800's= There were a total of 24 presidents from 1789 to 1897.

Number of Miles the Oregon Trail= The Oregon trail was 2,200 miles long.

Map of the alamo

This is a map of the Alamo. The Alamo is were the Mexican and American war happen. The Alamo is in the heart of San Antonia it is one of the most popular buildings in america today and is also a very big Church inside of it.


Mr. Jones PowerPoints 8,9,10,11,12.

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