Social Media For Everyone


Q: How do you login?

     A: At the top of the page, there is a button provided, named             Login. Here is where you log in and sign up as well.

Q: How do I follow people I want?

      A: On a person's profile, there is a button marked follow. If you       are not following them the button will appear gray. When you           click the follow button, it'll turn blue.

Q: How do I check my feed?

      A: There is a button labeled profile, if you click on this it'll        take you to your own profile, showing your feed.

Q: Why can't my pictures receive over 250 likes?

      A: The app only allows a certain amount of likes per picture, not       exceeding more than 250 likes.

Q: How do I update my profile?

      A: If you click on the settings button located on the right hand      corner, it'll take you to edit your profile, where you can change      what you choose.

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