A place for any and everyone to live in Peace as Royals.


Royal Peace forever Reguis Mir

Our flag strongly represent our countries magical opportunities of a safe environment.

Blue - Represents enormous amount of trust and our never ending loyalty we have for LORD BEBÉ

Red - Represents the passion and energy given to please LORD BEBÉ

White - Represents LORD BEBÉ's innoncense

Black - Represents the power and elegance of LORD BEBÉ


Constitution of



The purpose of our government is to provide a comfortable and stable lifestyle for our people.


Lord BEBE wanted a place for people to go and to feel safe without being in poverty somewhere where people can feel comfortable and live in peace. A place full of happiness and fear of nothing. He wanted to place upon the people a loving spirit with an open heart. The perfect way for this to happen was to create a lovable environment for everyone to live in together away from the rest of the outside world. He is very humble and wants the best for his people and the country as a whole. We are all family in the words of our great leader Lord BEBE.


We require all members to carry themselves in a proper manner. We are Royals and should handle all situations and daily activities as such. There is no tolerance for any type of criminal behavior we demand you keep a safe and pleasant environment. I expect peaceful communities and clean and safe streets. If everyone puts in their share of work, effort, and correct behavior we can easily maintain a perfect structured environment.


Many different people are put into place to keep the peace. Our overall leader is LORD BEBE he makes all of the major decisions for all of us. Those he puts on designated power are to be treated with 100% respect. Never disrespect anyone LORD BEBE puts in authority. Everyone is given a monthly allowance including housing, clothes, food, and money. There will be a small tribute to pay annually by each group or family.


As a government for the people we promise to hear the request of the people. We expect all of the citizens to obey and be 100% loyal to LORD BEBE. The government will be responsible for the protection of the people. Making sure no outside harm or any quarrels between the Royals gets out of handle. Its the Royals responsibility to keep a clean and organized environment. If everyone puts in the right amount of work and contribute to the community as a whole things will run smoothly without any outside interference. Peace will be easily maintained if we all work together to make sure that it is our number 1 value. I mean we wouldn't want to displease LORD BEBE.


LORD BEBE wants to make sure there is an equal system setup to make sure everyone is treated fairly. Everyone must be inside by 9 o’clock. No personal organizations unauthorized by LORD BEBE. NEVER QUESTION LORD BEBE. Attend all citizen rallies, meetings, and rations. NEVER COMPLAIN. Keep an organized, role determined household. Be completely free from inappropriate language. Stay Honest with fellow Royals at all times.NEVER indulge extra time into personal activities of gratification. Most importantly Maintain the perfect manor of a ROYAL.


As citizens of REGIUS MIR we require all children to attend minor and major ROYAL ACADEMY. Each level of school will be a total of 3 years.. Theres a beginner, secondary and intermediate. At the age of 5 the students will begin to attend minor school. So by the age of 12-13 they will have a solid source of income and be able to find a profession. After attending and passing every Adolescent must attend a year and a half to graduate with a certain role determining profession. Ration will be awarded to the man of the household once he has completed a successful month of his profession. Depending on his performance of the first month he will be rewarded an accurate amount of rations.


REGIUS MIR has always kept a very Royal presence. So our flag represents such years of Royalty and Peace. The flag is split up into three equal parts showing the importance of a successful country that on keeps all of these values in order. There needs to be a balance of all the values. The blue represent how much trust we put into LORD BEBE and how much trust we expect out of our citizens.The red is a sign of the passion all Royals have for the gracious LORD BEBE also the energy given to please LORD BEBE. The last black strip explains the power and elegance of LORD BEBE. We keep a white crown on a red background to make sure that people are reminded that if you don't stay Royal there won't be any peace.


This constitution is kindly provided to you by LORD BEBE. We Hope you choose to obey his gracious rules. He has given us all the things we have and we should be eternally grateful.He loves you all and would never do anything hurt us but to only protect and keep us in wealthy spirits. Succeeding from his own protection and slaved to make a country safe for all men, women, and children.


LORD BEBÉ loves his people. He does what is ultimately best for them. He is able to protect them from their bad thoughts and keep them safe from all harm. Any evil that is present he removes. The fact that he puts his people first is what makes him be loved.


Because of LORD BEBE’s troubling past and all the work he had to do just for us, we honor him. He did not have to do a single thing for us and yet he decided to go the extra mile. Thanks to LORD BEBE for the great things he has done!

LORD BEBE was born on May 18, 2050 in the country of Thailand. Growing up in Thailand was hard for LORD BEBE and his family. Food was scarce, the control of the electricity was out of their control, their water supply was not very sanitary, and there was low income. LORD BEBE hated his lifestyle and knew he was not the only one and became determined he would put a stop to it.

When LORD BEBE was about 14 years old, he realized that the only way things will change is to make sure he had authority in the government. From there on LORD BEBE worked day and night. He made sure his grades were above and beyond, conduct was excellent, took all the government classes possible, and studied extra; all to make sure his dream came true. He called it, “A better life for hard working people.” The purpose behind it is to give credit where credit is due. People should not be working very hard to live a poor lifestyle. It is not right and LORD BEBE is ready for a change.

LORD BEBE became successful and reached his goal to become apart of the government. He attended meetings, helped in law revisions and put in his input. The downfall was that many of his ideas were looked down on. He had to start showing the government and proving that his ideas were right. He went out and asked the peoples opinion on change and got their trust. They saw how he cared and could change everything for them.

Soon protests to put LORD BEBE in charge had been put in place and riots occured. The government did not know how to handle them but LORD BEBE did. He was put in charge and claimed the people. Soon he had a whole new set of laws and a constitution to better the lives of his people. Thailand was now Reguis Mir. The country was now at peace.

Royals Creed


I’ve never seen a better place to live

A safe environment where all needs are met

LORD BEBE keeps all things in place

We all live in peace

No disruption is made

And the rules are, in by nine, no complaining, don’t question

Attend all meetings and rallies, unauthorized organizations will be punished immediately

Anyone who speaks with foul language, stays dishonest will be removed immediately

But we don’t care, we love our Lord extremely


We live as royals

Together we live in peace

Lord BEBE does much for us

We praise him and give him all our love

He is our ruler

No need to ask LORD BEBE knows

Because he rules

Our life ‘til eternity



LORD BEBE is a very intelligent man and he has eternal love for any and everyone. He only gets a little heated when those he love don't understand and support his efforts. Everything he does and have done was and is for the people.To make sure we don't disturb the other Royals we have offsite academies where we help people get refocused. So LORD BEBE can tend to other community activities he use a more physical approach early in the morning to help the citizen redirect their attention on a more productive task that will help the country become better and more efficient.  We never expect anyone to disobey but in the case anyone does we have easy fixes for it. No offense is greater then another one and they are all punishable under the same law. After being located at the specific facilities citizens will be stripped,searched, and dressed. This is to make sure that all of the citizens are kept safe and out of reach of any self harm. They will begin a morning routine of exercise and work. They will eat once a day when the sun goes down and won't be able to harbor any food. Work begins when the sun goes up and end when the sun comes down.  Individual secessions will be set up for each of the citizens to get a specialized redirected mind set. Taking into consideration the citizens age and or gender. Upon arrival each person is required to take a written test of a few questions to make their stay more enjoyable. This test contains multiple personal questions which all should be answered honestly. These questions are essential to the redirected mid set and physical renewal of the facility visitors. When the visitor is completely rehabilitated back to perfect mental health they are given a new identity. The will not return to their old communities or families but given a new chance and start on life. This helps the visitor not to fall back into old habits trigged by the same environment and people. The full proof plan never fails according to LORD BEBE.


A'Layjah Brown and Jadé Williams

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