Industrial Revolution

By: Brittany Thompson

  • the Industrial Revolution was the transition to the new manufacturing process in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840.

          How it started?:

  • The Industrial Revolution first started in Great Britain and eventually progressed to the United States in the early 19th century.
  • It was first created to raise people's standard of living.

          What conditions did the working class suffer from in factories and                           tenements?:                  

  • the worker in the factories and tenements they faced harsh conditions. they suffered from diseases and sicknesses.

          What movements/ideas came out from the industrial revolution?:  


  • The Industrial Reform Movement was a group of activists, who wanted to correct some of the “bad” effects of the Industrial Revolution
  • As the Industrial Revolution grew, many saw a gap forming between the “upper” and the “lower” classes
  • Believed government should play a larger role in helping people & controlling the economy  


  • created markets where consumers and producers of goods and services would agree on prices
  • Capitalism replaced feudal empires and monarchies
  • the connection of the Industrial Revolution led to investigating factories, increased productions and higher demands for raw materials, and the world wide trade.

          Positive results of the industrial revolution!

  • Cities were wealth centralized
  • Huge production in goods led to decreased prices and therefore more affordable living conditions
  • Larger and larger portions of people could due to industrialization-economies boomed due to high populations
  • Cities soon became ideals places for factories

         Do the positives out-rule the negatives?

I think positives out-rule because a lot of prices went down and it made the poor people able to afford more things, also because many jobs and businesses grew and also were made in the city so more people had jobs.

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